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In 1985 I began my sign business by painting all of my clients' lettering and signs. In these early days, all artwork began and ended with hand drawings.

Later, in 1990 I began producing most of my signs with a vinyl graphics system. Beginning with hand drawn artwork, I generated precise and very professional artwork on this new computer software.

Still today, much of my artwork begins with hand-drawn artwork that is transformed with state-of-the-art sign design software. Then most all of my artwork is brought to life with superior 3M High Peformance vinyls.

I can work with simple text or design complex pieces of artwork. And unlike a number of today's sign shops, I am an artist, mathematician and craftsman. If needed, I can still pick up a paint brush and begin lettering!

The artwork used for your project can come from various sources. Somtimes you may already have artwork that you want me to use or duplicate. In other cases you may furnish rough sketches or photos that illustrate what you are looking for.

But some of my clients make full use of my designing experience. In these cases, I can analyze your specific needs and design specifically for maximum success or profitability. As with all of my extensive designing, I charge a reasonable hourly rate. You set the amount of time you want me to invest in your project.

Artwork is the golden key to advertising! If your advertising looks cheap, your audience will associate low value with your products or services. When this happens, sales and profits will be lower than they should be. Many businesses fail to recognize the value of professional designing by an authentic artist. Consider most major brands of productst for sale today. Now answer this question honestly: Would success have come to these products had professional advertising artwork been overlooked?

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