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Vinyl Lettering Not Made With 3M HP Vinyl

It seems that many sign shops want to use other brands of vinyl for their lettering and graphics. Some of these "other brands" seem to work okay, but many do not and they fail too soon.

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I can guarantee you that many other brands of vinyl will have failures. (See photo above of curling.) However, since 1990 I have never had any new 3M High Performance vinyl fail prematurely! Actually, our 3M's HP vinyls have been lasting two to three times longer than their listed lifespans!

Printed Graphics Not Made With 3M Vinyl

Digitally-printed vinyl graphics and decals have become quite popular. Unfortunately, inferior inks and vinyls have led to disappointed customers. Often printing quality is low or fading occurs but more often the vinyl itself fails.

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We see many non-3M printed vinyls that shrink a lot, curl up and crack terribly. (See photo above.) Always ask for 3M vinyls and an ultraviolet (UV) laminate over all of your printed graphics for dependable results!

Poorly Designed and Layed-Out Signs

This has to be the most common problem in today's sign industry. Years ago when signs were hand-painted, customers expected their sign designers to be accomplished artists. Today with computers, many would-be designers think that they're artists or that they know the psychology behind advertising design. In actually, they haven't a clue about the intricate details of effective design.

Successful sign design requires that the final product be attractive to its target audience and compel them to act on the advertising message. Many of today's signs are difficult to read, have a jumbled layout, and are not profitable to their owners. Consider some of your favorite name brand products. Do you believe that they would be successful without their talented designers?

Cracking & Curling Vinyl

Do you like reasonable prices? Do you like your signs or lettering to last a long time? If your answer to these questions is "yes" you have come to the right place!

Since 1985 I have been matching reasonable prices with long-lasting signs and lettering. I don't use low-grade materials to get the prices down. Instead, I have developed innovative ways to operate my business efficiently.

Your job will use materials from such companies as 3M or General Electric. These American companies are well-known for their outstanding products. Your signs and lettering will look great and last a long time!

I have signs that have endured for over 20 years where other sign shops' same work has failed in a couple of years! My customers enjoy using the same sign instead of replacing it several times!

To save even more, our customers are offered a nice discount for paying for their work the day it is finished!

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