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In an age of advancement, we as a people seem to have lost the ability to keep our promises without a legal contract. In the spirit of days gone by, I put my name on my work and I stand behind it as a man who gives his word and keeps it with all of his ability.

Some of our products (such as truck lettering) use 3M High Performance vinyls with warranties specific to this manufacturer. Each company offers different warranties. But keep in mind, that I select only the best materials and products for my projects so that you and I will be happy.

You may ask me about the warranties of each material I use in your sign or lettering. But beyond this, you will notice that I have another level of warranty not expressed in my suppliers warranties.

My warranty goes like this: "I specialize in making you happy". Therefore, you may notice me inspecting your sign or lettering many months or years later after its purchase. If I feel that something is not right, I will replace it at my expense even if you have not noticed the problem!

--Kent Nichols

After 20 Years!

The red lettering is by Kent Nichols Signs....the blue lettering and what's left of "METALWORKS" is the product of another local sign shop.

This sign was made in 1991, using 3M High Performance vinyls on painted MDO signboard. Some years later, the sign's owner chose another sign shop to make some changes. These changes involved removing some of the original 3M lettering and changing the wording. The blue text was added with vinyl lettering and today shows much deterioration. The text "METALWORKS" was added with low-quality vinyl lettering that peeled and fell off years ago.

Sticking solidly to the sign panel is the red vinyl lettering and gray vinyl striping...all made with 3M High Performance vinyl 20 years earlier!

This sign demonstrates what I am constantly telling my customers: "Don't let anyone talk you into spending your money on signs or lettering made with anything less than 3M High Performance vinyls."

3M is very well-known for their high level of product quality. Many successful businesses demand all of their signs, lettering and graphics be made exclusively from 3M materials. You too can enjoy investing your money in something that will outlast everything else!

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